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Child support after 18 - ex gives wrong date for lat day of school

Daughter turns 18 in Aug.  Ex has put in request for continuation of child support until end of school year.  Ex gave the whole of state end date for schools; hower on inquiry the school has supplied me with written confirmation that my daughter will finish exams and school attendance at end of October.

Can CSA make me pay until December?
Loco although blatantly unjust as immediately after the last day  of attendance that child can take full advantage of being an  adult and obtain work etc, the answer is Yes, the legislation states :-

Child Support Assessment Act 1989 said

151B  Application for assessment/agreement to continue beyond child’s 18th birthday

             (1)  If a child turns 18 during a year in which the child is in full‑time secondary education, a carer entitled to child support for the child may apply for an administrative assessment, or a child support agreement, in relation to the child to continue in force until the last day of the secondary school year in which the child turns 18.

Note:          For full‑time secondary education, last day and secondary school see section 5.

          (1A)  If a relevant dependent child of a parent turns 18 during a year in which the child is in full‑time secondary education, the parent may apply for the relevant dependent child to be taken into account in any relevant administrative assessment until the last day of the secondary school year in which the child turns 18.

             (2)  The application must be:

                     (a)  made to the Registrar in the manner specified by the Registrar; and

                     (b)  in the case of an application under subsection (1) for a child support agreement to continue in force—signed by both the carer entitled to child support for the child and the liable parent in relation to the child.

Note:          Section 150A provides for the Registrar to specify the manner in which an application may be made.

Hey Loco, I hear what you are asking, and if you have been a long term client of CSA I can understand the frustration of having to part with your  hard earned money beyond the use by date, and there may be other thing in the mix for you as well unknown to anyone else.  Try to look at it this way, if you can leave the negative thoughts out of it,  it has always been for the benefit of your daughter for her start in life, and by the sound of things not much longer to go.  When all the dust has settled she just might thank you for it one day, and if she does you might not be too worried about the cost and time…just a thought.
Thank you all for your responses.   Basic Instincts…your post seems to infer that I would not look after my daughter after she is 18.   I pay over $3500/month for both of my children.  The fact that I also pay for their private schooling and all their clothes etc because my ex is so busy using the child support money to buy new cars, and renovate her house is my issue.   My daughter will receive her equivalent in child support directly to her to actually 'have a start in life' way after she is 18.

There is no negative intent with my actions other than the care of my child!!!!   
Hey Loco, sorry you may feel that I suggested you may not look after your daughter after she has turned 18, and that you may also feel that I have been judgemental, quite the contrary.  I was only referring to the legal obligations that are placed on parents due to post separation and supporting the children involved.  As I said there may very well be other situations that are not covered in your original  post which you have now shared, so I did not assume on your behalf.  I agree with you with regards to the ongoing support for our kids, I guess that is our job as parents, and coincidentally I still support my eldest son so he can further his studies, he is 44.

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