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Change of Circumstances Form Reason 2 and Reason 3

Change of Circumstances Form Reason 2 and Reason 3 assistance

Hi All - firstly sorry to go on and on about CSA questions but it is that time of the year where the ex wants more money.   My son has been enrolled in TAFE.  Because he is under 17 he received the concessional rate plus resources ($1K) etc.  However as usual my ex refuses to put any money in, despite her taking the son to all the orientation etc but then sent the son down with the enrolment costs at the last minute.   I have paid the last 2 years of school fees >$5K as I enrolled my son into another school because of her learning disabilities.  However now that she is enrolled in TAFE my ex says I can continue paying.  It has always been our hope that the kids would go to university.   However, she is such a pernicious liar that I can't think of anyway to provide evidence that this had been the ultimate plan of further education.

I also have a 'change of circumstance' Reason 2 form for new medical expenses as my son has a learning issue and requires special equipment and I want to add in her share of the school fees; but again it will be the same stuff; but this time I am more prepared with letters from the specialist that this is required.

I am so tired of having to deal with the lying and then having the CSA always ruling in her favour.

Any suggestions please? 
I believe the crux of the Reason 3, is if you have shown intention. I believe that few if any have an expectation of Tafe until the enrolment process starts. Did you agree to this? If not then DO NOT pay a cent as some officers consider this as an agreed upon intention, as per:-

Wendy Elford - Objections Officer said
Before taking private school fees into account I must be satisfied that there was mutual intention
between the parents for the children to be educated in this manner.
I acknowledge that mutual intention was not established in a previous Change of Assessment
decision made on 14 June 2012. However I am satisfied that there has been a change of
circumstances since this decision was made regarding A`s school fees.
Available information identified that Z started contributing towards A`s school fees at
College once A came into Z's care (around term 4 2013). These payments ceased once
B also came into Z's care.
Z explained that A was entering Year 11 and became anxious A would have to change
schools which would affect A's studies so they had no choice but to pay A's school fees and let A
remain at College. At this time I find that Z was faced with the choice to keep
A at College or enrol A in another school.
As Z chose to keep A at College and started contributing towards A's school
fees this indicates Z`s agreement for A to attend that school. Therefore mutual intention
is now established.

Note names have been changed to protect identity.
Note there were in fact a number of failed attempts by the other parent for reason 3.
Thanks Mike T.   Yes I did pay the fee as I felt I had no choice as my head strong son had gone ahead and enrolled and the day I paid had been the last day for enrolment.   Sadly I don't seem to be able to have any say to the child as it is always parent vs ex scenario.  My ex and I do not talk and any form of communication from my end is met with snide, complex mind games that is beyond my ability to cope with now.  The only time I have had any positive outcome was with a lawyer.

I have informed my son that I will not be paying anything unless he has discussed everything with me, given me the paperwork and that I am included in everything around it and even then I was not guaranteeing anything.

I have looked through my paperwork and have evidence that we bought both of our children an educational tutoring system when then were in primary school and paid for this tuition until Year 12.  I also wondered if the ex involvement in information nights and orientation would not suffice as evidence.   However, I have probably removed my chances of any form of reimbursement.   Thank you for your assistance.    So down hearted:dry:
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