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Change of Assessment Reason 8

Finacial assets

Hi Guys,

Just preparing myself for ex submitting a COA. I've just been made redundant and child support has gone from $2000 a month to $240 a month and of course ex is spitting chips and threatening everything under the sun. I've no doubt she is going to request a change of assessment and use Reason 8 based on my financial assets.

I sold my house last year and have the proceeds in a bank account which is what I'm now living off whilst out of work. Under Reason 8 I may have to declare how much I have in that bank account. Can that be used to increase the amount of child support I have to pay again? Should I declare it or not? Should I transfer these funds to a third party bank account?

Meanwhile she has a house - though not sure if in her name or her parents name. And currently earning about $30K to $40K per year.

Appreciate any thoughts on this.
Just dont give them your bank statements.  Only tell tythem em your employment income

You dont have to fill out every single detail on thw form..

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