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Centrelink vs CSA

I don't get centrelink due to partners wage but am still expected to support my daughter. How?

We have been truthful to Centrelink and told them that we are in a defacto relationship. Therefore because of my partner's income I receive no benefits whatsoever, besides FTB A and/or B at the end of the tax year.

I am unemployed due to lack of work. I want to work but being in a smallish town there's not much available.

My partner has been solely supporting my daughter due to his income being the only income and her other parent having an exemption due to health issues.

Because we have been honest with Centrelink no other income is coming in.

Went for CoA (reason 9 or and 10) due to my daughter (his step daughter) being solely supported by him, but was knocked back due to me being supposedly able to support her.  How can I do that when Centrelink won't give me a payment due to our honesty and my partner's wage being just over the cut off point, and I am unemployed.

On his wage alone we are doing it tough. In actual fact his wage alone is supporting myself, my daughter and his son through the CSA.  There is just not enough to go around.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  How can I support my daughter when I don't receive a red cent from anyone?

When 'Life' is hard and things are tough,

and you feel like you've had enough.

Remember always this one thing true,

Someone else depends on YOU.
overcsa - In the eyes of centrelink and CSA you are seen to be able to work therefore you are financially able to support your child. They don't care that you might live in a small town with high unemployment rates all they care is that you are physically and mentally able to get a job therefore support your child.
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