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Care Percentage Calculations - FAO v's C$A

How to use FAO to inform C$A their care percentage

I've just been dealing with FAO to get them to compel C$A (as per the new legislation) to adopt FAO's care percentage calculation without actually getting the other parent involved and not having a new calculation done.

All you need to do is fill out the "Details of Your Child's Care Arrangements" form at Families - Department of Human Services
making sure you put the date 1 July 2010 in the box labelled "Date the Current Care Arrangement Started" and explaining further on in the form that the actual care has not changed and the purpose of submitting the form is to enable FAO to inform C$A of FAO's care percentage which C$A has to accept.

The good news is FAO have taken over this process from C$A. We no longer have to deal with the unbelievable C$A assessment and appeal processes for care percentage calculations. I can see C$A redundancies in the pipeline.

Good bye collection mentality and increased collection bonuses!
Would rather be saying "goodbye CSA" altogether. It is their blind adherenceto their autistic rules that will be their demise.
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