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Can anyone help me? I beg for any help for my baby endless thanks

The man got me pregnant while he is not finishing divorced with his wife, now he dump me and find another woman and let me disappear from his world.

Hello everyone,

I am a oversea people, a man from Australia invited me twice to Au. Second time I went I found I got his baby and I knew he has wife but in divorced court which is not finished yet. At the beginning he said he would be responsible for the baby and he will send support for baby every month after baby is born. Later I found that he was dating with another woman but he denied. He sent me to airport then he disappear from my world ever since then.

As a young lady, I dont know what I can do. Friends ask me to get back child support from him but I am not in Au now, baby is not born yet. We are not married and I am not an australian citizen what can I do and what should I do? I dont want my baby come out without daddy. I want my child could grow up as normal baby, healthy and happy.

I sincerely looking for help from everyone of you, even little advice I could be so grateful.

Wish everyone has a good family for our next generation. Thanks for all.
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There is nothing actually stopping you from having a normal baby, happy and healthy. That is actually up to you to take care of. Being married is not the be all and end all of raising a normal, happy and healthy baby.
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