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Can access to credit be viewed as income and/or financial resources by CSA?

CSA are claiming we have undeclared income

CSA is very confused as to how our living expenses don't reflect our low income.  We racked up a credit card debt of $40k in the period they mentioned, but of course we are not going to mention this until the matter goes to SSAT.  Before we embark on that adventure we need to know our rights.  Can credit or credit card debt be classed as income and/or financial resources.  Our guess is NOT, but anything is possible with CSA operations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Ajae
ajae - Mike might have a C$A guide reference on this but the answer is yes. For example if you have a line of credit on your home this is considered a resource.
Fairgo - Oh dear.  We did have lines of credit but they were mine only, rather than my husband's (payer).  Hopefully it won't matter because CSA is  talking about the last couple of years when we had access to $40k combined credit by way of credit cards only.
I can't believe that credit cards can be deemed resource, but then again anything is possible on the planet CSA.  Thanks Fairgo.  All info is appreciated.  Ajae
I'm more sure about a line of credit on you home for example than a credit card. If you are prepared to rack up debt on your credit card then you must have the capacity to pay it off. That's the logic that will be used which is also same for a line of credit.
                I can't see anything in the guide that mentions line of credit or credit card (there again financial resources is very brief in the guide, the section (Reason 8) concentrates primarily on the self-employed), I've also not myself heard of this I also can't see how it could be just. There again I'm trying to get my head around the concept. I would have though that you should perhaps be able to argue a necessary support factor.
The CSA cannot use normal credit as a source of income. That might not stop them from trying it on like everything else.

 Financial resources really is if you are asset rich but cash poor. ( line of credit etc)

You need to look at the legislation not the guide.

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Misinterpretation of the meaning of the term financial resources as used in sections 98L(1)(a) and 117(4)(d) of the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 constitutes an error of law.

The words income, earning capacity, property and financial resources should be interpreted in accordance with the decision in Gyselman where the Full Court said at 178:

…it would…be artificial in considering the capacity of the non-custodian to provide financial support for his children, to include his property and financial resources but necessarily to ignore his liabilities. The term property and financial resources normally means their net value, not their gross value.

So it would be incorrect to consider the credit as a resource without also considering the liability of the repayments.
 "Financial resources really is if you are asset rich but cash poor. ( line of credit etc)"

Yes Monteverdi that's what I was referring to.
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