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Calculation of child support

Well hubby had a bad year year last year. He was out of work for ages, thankfully I was in work. So we struggled to continue to pay the child support as per the assessment. He at one stage even told CSA that he was out of work but they didn't adjust his assessment. Oh well.

So the new assessment kicked in, and his income for the year was less (a lot less sadly) than the self support amount. But he is assessed to pay more than I thought he should, per se.

Checking the online calculators (via CSA), he assessment came in at $aaa per month (yes triple figures). And this is the figure that CSA have also advised him. BUT, and it is a big BUT, if you put in a figure that takes it over the self suppport amount, for eg. $30,000, then the calculator comes up with a figure that is less than the previous calculation, and less than the current CSA assessment. And yes MikeT, I did use the FLWG on line calculator as well, but it doesn't really like less than the self support amount figures.

Given the abuse that we have copped over hubby "choosing" to reduce his child support by his ex, we don't want to rock the boat. So, just some clarification on this would be appreciated.

And as for next year, yes, his income would be close to the $30,000, so it will be interesting to see what comes in when he does his tax this year. If his child support is less this year, then I think maybe there would be some sort of case for crediting.

you can put in an estimate if you know your income is going to change (either up or down)
If you know this is going to happen, I'd do it asap, as trying to get C$A to credit you will be harder still.

You need to ignore the abuse/tirades from "the other side" and just do what is the correct thing by C$A's rules.

If your income increased and you informed C$A immediately of the increase, I'm sure there would be no outcry, so that door has to swing both ways, doesn't it?
We are not lodging an estimate as that just screws around an already imperfect system. I just want clarification around the calculator.
Boots, perhaps you are being charged at the fixed rate:

The CSA Website -     International parents     Child support formula     Employers     Legal professionals     Stakeholders      Child Support Agency     Child Support Formula     Fixed assessments said
Fixed assessments

If you are a paying parent who reports a low taxable income and is not receiving income support, you may be required to pay $23.50* (indexed annually) per child per week. Where there are more than three children, the amount will be capped at $70.50* a week.

This is called a fixed assessment. Fixed assessments cover parents who minimise their taxable income in a way that does not fairly represent their true income or real capacity to pay child support.

The total amount, currently $23.50* per child, is still payable if the parent has less than shared care of the child (less than 35 per cent). If a parent has a higher percentage of care, this amount will not be payable because the parent will be directly contributing to the childs support through care.
If your income is genuinely low

If you receive an income support payment, you wont have a fixed assessment but will have a minimum assessment.

If you dont claim income supportfor example, because your new partner supports youand have genuinely low income, you can apply for the fixed payment not to apply. Youll need to demonstrate that your income is genuinely low.

If you have genuinely low income, call us on 131 272 to talk about your options.

*These amounts are for child support periods that begin in 2011.
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