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Breach of privacy

My ex husband has recently applied to have his assessment changed. Upon receipt of the application he has supplied two weeks worth of pay slips as evidence. That in itself is great, the CSA have deleted the employers name and address from the top portion of the payslip. Further down the payslip is my ex husbands name, a hyphen and the name of the company he works for now. As we live in two different states I did not know where he worked and it was really irrelevant, but the CSA handed me his work place. I do not plan to do anything with the information but should I mention it during phone conference?? Makes me wonder what they will do with information I provide. This is really terrible, because if I was the stalking ex, I could phone his company direct and cause all sorts of strife for an example. What should I do with this knowledge, is it to be brought to light during phone conference or case manager??

They forgot to delete branch he works for, that companies address, abn, AND ex partners payroll number. Why do they even bother deleting anything at all then? Who is responsible for checking these details, deletion of certain facts and then posting out?

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The kicker is that they will not consider this to have been a breach of privacy.

From personal experience, they only consider it a breach if you then use the information you have received - and then of course consider it is you who have committed the breach.

Not suggesting this is "right" - just stating what their position will be.

If you have any reasonable communication with the ex advise them and let them take it up.
It would probably do little use to discuss the matter with the CSA, I believe the privacy commissioner would perhaps show more interest, perhaps also the ombudsman. However I would still suggest that a complaint should be made to the CSA, as even though just as a statistic, it will be shown.
Hey Hubbypays,

My understanding from the COA application under 'Your Privacy' is that it is the parties onus (not CSA…one of the more learned people might correct me here) to ensure personal/private details are not included in attachments and as such if the copy of your exs supporting documents that were sent to you as part of his application does not have his employer details "blackened out", then he might have not realised this or not minded that you knew this information?


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I needed help with my case and couldn't afford a lawyer and found these guys invaluable

They wonder why

The CSA have sent me the personal information of three different parties over my journey. This has involved addresses , names , statements , amounts owed and due , defaults and arrears.

If you choose to send any information to this unaccountable organisation take the utmost care. I am afraid that I do not subscribe to the " administrive error " defence.

Too often bitten has cured me of that. The mind boggles as to where my information has been sent. I have endured two known cases of severely incorrect ,

potentially damaging information being sent to people that have no involvement with me other that being a distant relative.

This information was sent with threats that begger belief.

I agree with Mike , definitely report it even if it is to have a laugh at the piracy commissioner,s response.
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