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Bank statements

I have been dealing with CSA for years and the sordid relatioship will soon be over. I started up a small company 2 years ago and is slowly getting there. My income etc is very minimal at the moment but will improve as time goes on, but the ex has told CSA that I am lying abut my income. They now want all Bank statements of the business and my personal bank statements for the last 2.5 years. Do I have to give them anything apart from the account tax financials? I also have a lifetime Intervention Order taken out against her for threats etc. If I give these deatils to to CSA doesnt that mean she gets a copywhich then breaches the Order?
I would be asking them to provide the section of the legislation that requires you to provide them with your bank statements.
Great advice, thank you. Do CSA give my personal details and information to the ex? If so are they in breach of my Intervention Order? I dont trust CSA in the slightest and have no intention of bending over.
Step 1 is to insist that all contact to you from the CSA is in writing.

They will say something like "we can do that but sometimes we need to contact you by phone"

To which you reply "I will determine at that time whether the phone contact is appropriate" (which it never will be)

Then if they do ring, you can use this script to exercise your rights and make them put their questions and demands in writing:

There is no possible reason why information needs to be gathered on the phone except to get you to agree to something without having time to properly consider your options and rights.
Have a read of the CSA Collection Handbook page 20 & 21 attached to get an idea of their tactics.

If there is a Change Of Assessment lodged against  you, all information you give in your response will be sent to the ex.

Otherwise, I don't think they are allowed to give any of your personal info to the ex.

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Hey Doddo2

If you do an appeal to the SSAT if all goes bad- CSA will give anything and everything to your ex who is automatically a party to the appeal.

As for the Intervention Order - that will depend if there is a clause saying that "unless required by law"  or "an order of the Family Court"

bank statements and ssat

Thanks for all the advice. I now have hearing date set with SSAT. They want all my financials etc including my personal bank statments and company statements. I did not give CSA any of these deatails because they stated the ex would get a copy.  SSAT have also informed me that any details I give them will be passed on to the ex. The reason I have a lifetime intervention order taken out against her is due to her death threats, violent actions and using any info she gathers to cause more havoc over the last 13 years.She has had other orders made against her and has been up on assault charges. I wrote a letter to CSA explaining the history but did not get a reply. In their wisdom CSA have had most of the letter blacked out and sent to SSAT under some rediculous section of the law yet any allegations that have been made against me are still in writing. I have explained this to SSAT but they dont care. I would gladly let SSAT have all the details they needed to come to a fair decision but letting this nut job have all my personal details seems to breach any human rights that I have left. Surely tax records and company financials are enougt to make a decision.  Not sure what to do next.
What I did was to make a copy of my bank statements and then go through and black out all account numbers and details of anyone who have made deposits and details of any transfers I had made out of the account.

Then I made copies of the blacked out copies and sent those to the SSAT

That way, they had details of the amounts going in and out of the account and what bank the account was with but no account numbers, branch name etc.

There will be nothing to stop you closing that account and opening a new one after the SSAT hearing

bank statements

Seriously thats a great suggestion. My concern was that any info the ex can get from the statements will be used by her to try and screw my life over again and again by contacting my clients etc. So any names, client details, transfers etc should be marked out and just leave the figures. Will SSAT question me during the hearing as to whom the payments or clients are or where the funds are going? And where does the Intervention Order come into it if Im having a 3 way conversation with SSAT, nutjob and myself??
I was not questioned about the identity of the people transferring in or who I transferred out to, only about the general nature of the transfers and I gave general answers

Not sure about how you go with the intervention order - you should talk with the contact in the SSAT that you should have the name and number for in you initial letter from them

bank statements

Ok. General answers are a good idea.  As to SSAT, they stated that we will have the hearing via the phone due to the order, but my concern is anything said etc will be heard by the ex, but general answers will help alleviate that. I appreciate the advice you have given me and makes a small light at the end of a long tunnel. Thanks
Practice saying something along the lines of "I can only reveal that information in the absence of the other parent due to the possibility that the information being know by the other parent could lead to a contravention of the intervention order".

bank statements

Mike T, more great advice. Thanks. I will be a lot more prepared for this hearing than i was yesterday thanks to this forum. Should i request from SSAT the relevant legislation that allows private details being given to a person under an intervention order? Or will it be a waste of time?
Be very, very careful with what you send SSAT, like the previous suggestion, black out (or white out) everything that could be used to trace or identify you - even bar codes on bank statements, even locations of any EFTPOS transactions eg. your local supermarket.

SSAT are meant to black out any identifying info they receive from you before sending it onto the other party, but they don't, and they don't take responsibility for not doing so (how unsuprising!).

There is a grey area in relation to CSA blacking out identifying information before sending it to SSAT, with CSA saying that they do (i.e. tax file numbers and case numbers etc), but little else is blacked out 'in case SSAT need the info' and they are covered under the Privacy legislation.

I agree with the above suggested letter to SSAT, at least that notifies and reminds them of their obligations and hopefully gets them to edit the info sent to them by CSA before the info is sent to the other party - but don't hold your breath.

I am aware of instances where a party's financial advisor and accountant details, along with their client numbers, plus the full addresses of investment properties were given out to the other party, as well as a case where a party's new partner's full name and date of birth and names and dates of birth of their children were passed on.

Even looking at what CSA sent SSAT in my case, and what SSAT sent onto the other party from CSA, these two public service bodies still didn't black out my case or client reference numbers on several documents like they are meant to, and low and behold, even though I received photocopies of all the documents sent by the other party to both SSAT and CSA, you could hold the documents up to the light and see what they were trying to black out in a half hearted way. (He! He! I learnt a lot about the x's and his family's personal details that way - and NO, I am not going to raise a breach of privacy concern because to this as I benefited)

Bank statements

Thanks for the advice valere. Like a lot of others, giving my personal details to a govt dept is hard enough but knowing that all this info is being sent to a mentally unstable person who has in the past used any info to cause grief. I am all for a fair and just hearing but this is rediculous. I will be removing all personal and relevant details before hand, and it will be interesting to see if SSAT can give me the relevant legislation as to my privacy versus a lifetime intervention order I have against the ex…. I would be interested to hear if anyone has been through a telephone SSAT hearing and what to expect in the way of questioning and to what degree do they question or interrorgate. Thanks again

CSA Collections Manual

I've seen reference to the CSA collections manual, and seen scans of a couple of pages.

Does anyone have the whole document available? It may assist me in understanmding their tactics.
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