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2nd family break up - the do's and dont's regarding CSA?

Just after some advice on how to handle CSA after a second family break up. How do you manage that CSA does not get involved when the first family case is handled by CSA and wages are garnished? Second family break up is amicable and partners do not want CSA to do more damage. Can anyone share any experience? Cheers...
Have deleted my original post, realizing it could be construed as promoting terrorism against a govt agency.

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To not involve the CSA simply do not not apply for administrative assessment. If you want complete protection from the other parent changing their mind then you can make a binding agreement (both parties must seek legal advice and have the legal advisor sign the agreement).

However there may be disadvantages. FTB may be reduced and with CS you could lose out on the multi-case allowance or multi-case cap.

An alternative could be to have CSA assessment but with private collect and say that the money has been collected and actually follow your own agreement, that way you could still benefit from the FTB and multi-case allowance.
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