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16yr Old Daughter Heading Overseas for 10 months

Hi All,

I have just heard on the grapevine that my 16yr old daughter (who I haven't seen for 21 months) is heading overseas for 10 months on a foreign exchange program.  Will this affect my Child Support?
             theoretically a care event should happen. Here's what the CSA guide says:

The CSA Guide - 2.2.5 Percentage of care determined by CSA based on actual care (extract) said
Oneoff block of 100% care

Where a parent or carer unexpectedly and temporarily provides 100% care of a child, CSA may recognise that the person has 100% care although they are not expected to continue to have that level of care. In these situations, CSA will determine the care over a short care period related to the unexpected circumstance (subsections 49(1)(a) and 50(1)(a) of the amended Act). When care returns to the normal pattern, either carer may request a new determination of the care percentage.

The period of unexpected care will generally need to be at least 4 weeks in length in order for CSA to make such a determination. However, shorter periods can be considered, especially where there is a possibility of extension of the period.


M and F have one child, A. A usually lives with M 100% of the time. M needs to go to hospital for 3 weeks for an operation, and may require a further period of intensive rehabilitation where M will not be able to care for A. F will look after A during this time. CSA makes a oneoff block of 100% care decision. When A returns to M's care, M contacts CSA and CSA makes a new care decision based on the ongoing care for each parent.

If the event is considered to be such an event (I don't think that unexpected is a legislated requirement, rather that the authors of the guide have used terminology that suits a limited aspect of interpretation) then theoretically CS for the non-parent carer (overseas host) could be applied for.

However, I strongly suspect that the CSA would use red tape to not apply any change. My guess is that they would still insist that the other parent is still the "responsible" parent.

Whatever, the actual CS that you pay will, if I recall correctly, remain unchanged. You can use the calculator available from the home page (only the advanced calculator caters for non-parent carers). Note that the government's Estimator does not cater for non-parent carers.

Here's a link to the section of the CSA guide:
2.2.5 Percentage of care determined by CSA based on actual care
i would still have a crack at getting CS suspended while she is overseas, as the other parent will not be incurring expenses for the child while she is absent for 10mths. it is a substantial absence. it appears that the other parent is financial enough to fund this trip......

Students going overseas on Foreign Exchange programs.

In answer to the question about Child Support being suspended while a child is overseas completing one of these such programs (ie Rotary Student exchange) I will endeavour to explain what happened when my daughter was overseas on one of these programs. She went to Brasil for one year and completed Yr 12 again at school in Brasil (in Portuguese!) when she had finished College (Yr 12) and she was still 17yrs. Although, this may be slightly different, as I separated from my ex husband before CSA formed and had to obtain maintenance via the courts ( Pre 1988). This meant that I had to go to court to obtain child support (which I finally succeeded in doing when she was 17yrs). The CSA could not help me at all, and I had to represent myself and my daughter, while my ex husband had a lawyer. The court ordered that my daughter's father pay $700/ mth child support until she was 18 yrs old (for about 9 months) and informed me that he would have liked to see my daughter return to court and seek 'support from her father' when she returned from the program to assist her through her University studies (this she did not want to do, bearing in mind that he had only paid $1000 child support to us in the previous 17yrs). While students are completing these exchange programs you still have to support them financially as not all their costs are covered by the program. I did this by sending her most of her maintenance to cover her expenses and pay for the extra trips she did with the Rotary that cost several thousand dollars. The program also required me to pay $5,000 initially to enable her to go, this included medical coverage and insurance and air fares, passports had to be organised as well as the costs visas, etc to Brasil. I therefore think that a person person paying Child support would be expected to keep contributing as they are, bearing in mind that this is a wonderful experience for a young person if they are brave enough to do it. My daughter came back a more mature and better person for doing the Rotary Exchange program and I was glad that I encouraged her to do it. As a single parent the total cost would have been difficult for me to fund on my own. and I did appreciate the child support I received for the months that she was away as I was able to continually top up her Visa Card with it.
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