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Alienation of income

...and just when we thought a partner's income was not assessable...

We (me wife, my husband payer) finally got the reasons for the COA change lodged by his ex.  And what a delightful and interesting read it is. It makes many references to the business I ran - which was miniscule and lurched into oblivion because of the GFC last year. My husband is on and off a support pension because of health issues.  But it seems CSA deemed it necessary to access MY tax records, and have based their reasons on the fact that we could not possibly live within our incomes in 2007/2008.  There's many things they have not taken into consideration, and I'm not about to alert them to these facts.  Enough rope, I say.

We are not going to object to the decision but I am taking great delight in knocking up a humourous and sarcastic letter, responding paragraph by paragraph, to the SCO responsible.  I've learned that if there are anomolies in a payer's income, then they have powers to look into the partner's income tax details.  How delightful.  We've always declared the fact that I contribute to CS, but since they don't have our most recent tax returns for 08/09 (due to ATOs current backlog I presume) they have declared that we must have undeclared income.

And, (you are all going to love this) seems I am a shareholder in no less than 4 companies found out by an ASIC search by the learned SCO. Fascinating.  I rang ASIC and they could not find my name with any of the ambiguous (letters only) company names as being a share holder. But they did manage to find that one was deregistered, and that another was only registered 3 years after I became an alleged shareholder. In our letter of reply we've mentioned that we haven't had any dividends from these companies, perhaps because they have lost our addresses or a/c details, or because the companies don't believe we are paying enough in CS, and therefore don't think us deserved of dividends.  But we are excited that we could be in for a dividend windfall of many $$$ from these companies and, once we catch up with them (when CSA advises us of their ACN numbers) we will be wealthy, and able to be liable for even MORE CS.  The joy never ends.!

Basically we are not objecting to the new CS liability, but we are very curious as to where they got a lot of their information.  They sent a 7 page letter explaining.  I reckon we can manage a 10 page letter in response.  Our letter is not an objection.  We will leave that to the ex…the decision is less than her request and no doubt when she finds out about our 'shareholdings', she'll be up in arms!

It is to laugh.   Ajae
Sometimes all you can do is smile - you could always send a photo of yourself leaning against a Ferrari, with a note saying: "good job you did not find all my money".

Enjoy the laugh at their expense.

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Monteverdi, brillian idea.  And one which I will take even further.  At this stage though I only managed a 6 page letter.  
However, I found the SCO's practice address and other details along with her  date of admission (bar). So my cover letter will be sent directly to her and mirror our CSA letter = "What this means for you" and "What you can do"  etc.   May as well have fun with it.  Ajae.
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