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Redundancy and Long Service leave

     I would appreciate any positive feedback in relation to Redundancy and Long Service leave .I was a long term employee of 34 years and took a settlement in December 2016 .I have not lodged my tax return as this money was put into my mortgage .I was aware that cashing in my long service was taxed and the redundancy component was not .This escalated in income that financial year and I forgot to revise my income until the beginning of the next financial year after being prompted .

     If possible is there any way I could be exempt as now on workers comp and soon to be made unemployed to wearing this debt or will they hound me or force me to liquidate my assets . I have always paid what was due and now really concerned about not knowing what to expect.
Only suggestion I can make is for you to go straight onto an income estimate. When you file your tax return and it is processed by Child Support, put another estimate in. If the payer is not happy they will have to go through objection processes etc.... Chances are you will not have to pay any extra child support on the redundancy and leave payments.
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