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Waiting for a Child Support Objection Decision

I am waiting for a child support objection decision and I was told that there may have been a request for an extension by the other side. However, they refused to tell me if there was a request for an extension.
I dont understand why I am not allowed to know if there is an extension on my case or this correct?
CCC, C$A they commit to a 60 day response to your objection.
ANY reason for NOT complying with this timeframe must be backed up with the reason.

If the 60days has elapsed, get straight onto the complaints department.
Is it 60 days from when they made their original decision to change my child support or 60 days from the date of my objection to their decision? 
60 days from the date you lodge your objection
Thank you, if it goes on longer than 60 days from my objection, then I will put in a complaint. 
My husband is still waiting for a response to a objection to a care decision made on the 18th of June. objection letter and phone call made on the 20th of june.
My husbands objection is that the payee has left Australia and the child has been left to look after him self with the person she boarded with. Terminating event neither parent has care.
The payee left in April and has still not responded to the CSA. he has to wait upto 120, as they have given her 90 days to contact them.
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