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COA urgent help needed please

My ex has applied for a COA section 8 special circumstances saying that i have property or financial resources that should be taken into account.

I had previously been assessed via my income tax at a low payment amount of child support, as my income was very low. I have been paying the amount directly to CSA and iam even slightly in credit before the COA.

Also before the COA i have now got a new job on a better salary. To be forthright i have been paying the new weekly amount to CSA from my first new paycheck, and then received the COA from the x

I rang CSA to discuss and they could see that i have been paying the larger amount now and have said that they wont pay that to my x as she isnt entitlied to it. I asked then if i even needed to fill out the response to the COA and was told YES.
I have been asked to supply details of all my current bank accounts, morgage and cars ( i have 3) and Iam concerned where this will lead ??

I was told by CSA that "special circumstances" are for very rich people ( i am not) who decide to lower their income to avoid paying CS. I replied that this is not the case for me as Iam paying, and in fact have gone over and above to up my payment to reflect my new higher salary without delay. But was still told i need to supply all bank account details and amounts and values on my home and cars.

We are currently in fam court for property settlement, but have not yet finalised

Any advice ?  delay the response ? Dont respond ? Do give all info ?
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