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Income via Returns has changed signicantly

Quick Question.... Confused... Income

I've got a income for the 13/14 FY of $36,900. (This was as a result of my ATO Return) The C$A have stated they were happy to accept this for the period, I said that i didn't want to provide an estimate, and was advised that they were happy to leave it for the 13/14 FY. and as such my liability was to reflect this.

Now, at the end of the 13/14 FY i will have a income of $92,600.

Question i've got is.
  1. Will the agency hit me for the back payments?
  2. Will the higher rate kick off from the 14/15 FY?

I really don't want to ring the C$A, as i refuse to speak to them, and insist on all communication to be via mail.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, i understand there's bigger issues than this.

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The answer to this is yes, I believe if your income changes by 15% then you have too tell the CSA within 14 days of it happening.  

To question 1) Yes they will hit you with back payment's, probably will take any tax return(unless it's a debt) and penalties on top.

2) They often do a reconciliation I believe around april, so they may come after you sooner than later.

On the "I really don't want to ring the CSA" I'm on your side there. But good luck with the insisting all communication via mail. I have been asking for that since 2006 and they still refuse to put anything in writing, unless it's simple pre formatted things.
My understanding is that the CS system has got on top of dealing with "write ONLY" clients. If that is not the case we would be interested to hear as it was the subject of issue raised some time ago with DSS Policy and we believe it has been resolved. We do know of clients who are write only and that does seem to work. You can sign up for the CS On-Line system which now requires you to have a MY GOV account. Although there are lots of technical problems it does give you a single repository of documents/correspondence and on line contact which I think may be a little quicker than having mailed letters.

For many CS customers the CS-ONLINE option works reasonably well but with some frustration at times.

Just be aware that when you sign up for CS-Online you will no longer receive mail (Australia Post) copies of correspondences and statements UNLESS you ask for that. Most CS operators know that the CS On-Line system is a horrible beast so you will more than likely strike a sympathetic officer if you are wanting issues fixed. We have written copious and extensive detailed notes for the operations people and a they have a long list of known issues with no resolution dates published (that we know of). Perhaps one day the ATO will take it over and it will be as easy as filing a  GST return…. But that is a  discussion for another forum.

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Secretary SPCA, in regards to write only customers- I have just received a letter from a senior officer within the DHS (CSA) today 05032014  Who after my complaint letter to the CSA/Minister of DHS . Has Sated  to my  complaint of being a write only customer and the CSA habit of breaking that "Ordinarily a senior officer would contact you to discuss your correspondence before replying by letter" That is verbatim.
They still phone all the time! The Ombudsman is aware and also has told them not to call.
not_who_iam said
Question i've got is.
  1. Will the agency hit me for the back payments?
  2. Will the higher rate kick off from the 14/15 FY?

1 & 2) If you under standard/basic formula based assessment and have not made an income estimate then I believe the answer to 1 is no. When you submit your tax return, if on time according to the taxation legislation, the new taxable income will then be taken into consideration from that date, that's how the system works(sic). If you do not submit your tax return on time then some backdating would apply (sorry CSA Guide is currently not available the who DHS website is currently down by the looks of it).

I strongly suspect that the CSA officer was trying to hoodwink you into submitting an estimate. Estimates are really only for when your income drops and thus may be in the position where the payments are not just and equitable.

With regard to the CSA calling you. Explain that you consider it harassment for them to call you with a reason such as that at the times that they call you are working.
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