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My ex-husband owns a dozen or so flats in Thailand which he rents out for a pretty good income. He's claimed since we separated to be unemployed and on Centrelink. I finally tracked down the paperwork to prove he owns the flats and earns an income from them, but my question is, how does the child support agency convert assets into income? For example, let's say one property is worth one million dollars. What amount is that in terms of child support? We only have a three year old daughter and I have 100% care. I'm just wondering what I should suggest in my application. I don't want to ask for too much and look greedy or too little and miss out. I already work full-time and go to uni full-time so any help from her father would be appreciated.
someusername354 said
I'm just wondering what I should suggest in my application.
Basically the registrar (CSA) would work out the financial resources. As such all you need to do is supply the facts.

Perhaps have a read of The CSA Guide - 2.6.14 Reason 8 - a parent's income, property, financial resources, or earning capacity
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