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Fraudulent Claims

2 & 1/2 years to get a response from the CSA. Thats just not good enough

In early 2010 I had a change of assessment done on child support. My X had noted all her expenses and income. After doing a calculation on her income and expenses I found that she was earning $25k and paying out in her expenses $33k a loss of $8k per year. Also in her documents she noted a brand new car which would have cost about $28k about $5k per year to re pay. Now that totals a loss of $13k per year with no explanation as to where the extra money was coming from. But this is ok because she is the payee, payee's are aloud to get away with small miss calculation.

In June 2010 I wrote a letter to the fraud department of the CSA explaining and detailing the fraudulent income of my X. Since that time I have written a further 3 letters to the CSA asking for a response to the outcome as her undeclared income has significant ramifications to the amount of CS I have to pay.

Finally after 2 1/2 years I get a response from the CSA stating, "I apologise for the delay in providing you with this information in relation to the concerns you have previously  raised in writing, the alleged fraudulent activity of the other party you reported was forwarded to our Specialised Investigation Unit to be examined. Because of the privacy provision, as the information is in relation to the other party you have not and will not be advised of any further information or any outcome of this investigation."

So how is this Fair Just and Equitable to both parents.? It seams that the CSA have just filled the information into the to hard basket and hoping that it will be forgotten about. If the matter was the other way around I am sure that the CSA would have jumped all over me to get answers and within the 28 day period.
You should also send a letter to CentreLink as your ex is probably receiving some sort of payment from them and they'll put more effort into investigating alleged fraud than the CSA.  The ATO may also be interested.
The Ato can review any ones tax return. If fraudulent returns are submitted then they can go back through all previous returns and ask the tax payer to explain. Personal spending and income are looked at in great detail. If the person has beem running a business then bench marks are applied. You can be payed cash but you have to keep records, if your spending is more than your income and you dont have records they can bench mark you and issue new assessment for the years they look at.
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