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CSA tampering with evidence

How many laws have the CSA broken here?

I am new to this forum - and until reading some of the stories - thought I had a bad deal.  What do some of the more informed members think about this example.

I have just been through SSAT review of an objection to an original decision for COA.  The original decision was over 12 months ago.  While perusing the wad of paper that the SSAT put together for these hearings, I came across a copy of the original decision - in particular a table of figures that I had referenced in my objection about 12 months prior as an example of the CSA using "incorrect information"  (because it didn't add up and was inconsistent with the original source data amongst other things).

Well to my surprise - the "copy" of the original now had an amended table with missing figures magically re-inserted (the totals still didn't add up).  I went back to the original correspondence from last year - sure enough the CSA had changed it.  Unfortunately this was after the SSAT hearing - and they won't change their decision - have to go to Family Court on a matter of Law.  Is tampering with evidence for an SSAT hearing a point of LAW?
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