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CSA - collect from Singapore

Why aren't the CSA collecting a debt from payer in Singapore?

Does anyone have any experience with regards to the CSA and Singapore/reciprocating jurisdiction? The payee is in Australia and payer is in Singapore and there is an assessment in place because Singapore is a reciprocating jurisdiction. But the CSA have not sent the assessment to Singapore for registration/collection and I can't understand why. Does Singapore even accept CSA assessments? I've asked the CSA and they just say there is a "relationship" between the 2 countries, whatever that means.
Singapore, according to,1.5.1 Australia's International Maintenance Arrangements , Singapore is a reciprocating jurisdiction. According to,
Child Support Guide - 3.6.2 Registering Overseas Maintenance Liabilities for Collection said
The Registrar must register a registrable overseas maintenance liability within 90 days of receiving the application for registration (section 25(2A) CSRC Act).
. I'd suggest that you ask, probably in writing, why the liability has not been registered.

As for collection, that is beyond the jurisdiction all the CSA can do is pass on what Singapore collects.

I'd suggest having a good read though 3.6 Overseas Orders, Court Registered Agreements & Assessments. Including all the subsections, as there can be reasons why a liability cannot be registered. However, the CSA, if they can't register the liability, should inform you as to why they can't. Possibly, it's still in the 90 day period and the pass the in-tray game is still being played (i.e. officer can't be bothered to do the work so passes the in-tray on etc etc etc).

clarity said
I've asked the CSA and they just say there is a "relationship" between the 2 countries, whatever that means.
I'd suggest that you should complain, the CSA are bound to, and make a commitment to, provide quality information. What the CSA have said says little if anything. I believe that you have been fobbed of just so that an in-tray can be marked off.
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