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Back pay child support long after child turns 18?

Hi, just wondering….paying parent hasn't lodged tax return for years so paying less than $30 a month in child support, owns business, properties, claiming through last lodged tax return to be earning $9.000, has registered pty company, supports wife and three children, does not receive low income payment.
Anyway, I'm interested to know that when child turns 18 and child support stops, (I've requested it continue till end of secondary school but expecting him to reject.) and he decides to do a tax return and not have to hide everything and it's a huge amount that he's actually earned, will the ato figure out what has been going on all these years and make him back pay child support? I'm not sure if the ato and child support work that closely but just thought I'd ask the question.
Is it possible that child support will be back payed long after it ceases when child turns 18 or end of schooling and paying parent lodges tax return?
I have heard of parents paying CS long after the child turns 18. I believe that when a tax return in finally lodged this may occur
If there is a debt when a tax refund becomes available then in 99% of cases that refund will be directed to CSA to put toward the debt. the debt is a debt to the Commonwealth and exists until it is paid or the person who owes it dies basically.  However if this person is self employed and they can control how much they pay themselves that may never happen. ATO has no involvement other than telling CSA about the refund and then sending it to CSA if they ask for it. You can apply for an A18 extension for the last year of schooling if the child turns 18 before they finish school and its highly unlikely for that to be stopped by the other parent.
Same could be asked if payee has done the same. Would the payer get a refund. I doubt it very much.
If the payee did the same and they did eventually lodge and their incomes went up, creating an overpayment, talk to CSA about the options available. The overpaid amount would usually only be recoverable through a Court but sometimes CSA will refund the amount to the payee and shift the debt to the pyr ( what's called a consolidated revenue debt - or con rev debt ) The rules about this ( whether to refund or not ) are very involved, they have changed alot over the years and not many people really understand them very well at all. You just have to find the ones who do understand it.

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Why involve csa, if the payee or payer is stupid enough to have a ABN registered business and advertises on their own website and publish the services they offer and a price for there services and ask for payment through paypal... a call to ato with details should be enough for them to investigate tax evasion.
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