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Anyone know about this company

Hi All,

Does anyone use this company to deal with CSA? is it worth while?

Child Support Help Australia

I do know someone who is using them and they recommend them.

It has stopped a lot of angst.
I would be very interested to know more about them and what they can do to help everyone to improve the incompetent CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY........ and better still help the liable parent.
I had a look at the document they provide. It is a legal firm in Adelaide that charges you to manage your child support liabilities.

I would be wary. It may be a sales ploy from what I can see.

Some good points in it but I am a sceptic.
I have spoken to one of their reps but have not signed up with them. They are associated with a Law firm are not lawyers themselves - just experienced in the methods of CSA assessment / COA etc.  They say they rarely need lawyers / barristers.

Cost varies - a $220 sign on fee and $70 / month subscriptions I think.
I've seen this company advertising on various Facebook pages. They don't seem to be able to answer many questions or won't answer many questions on what they charge, and what they can and cannot do. They seem to be very evasive and won't give any straight answer! except to visit their site and sign up!.  My personal opinion I feel unless your in real trouble they are just going to be more of an expense.
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