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2014 Parliamentary inquiry into child support

The Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, asked a Parliamentary Committee to inquire into and report on the Child Support Program.

New inquiry into The Child Support System

Details on parliamentary business, committees, house, social policies

Direct link to the survey
This questionnaire should take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Responses to the questionnaire are anonymous, but we will ask you for some general information about your experiences.

Questions marked * are compulsory.
Direct link to Parliamentary inquiry

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Further information on Facebook at the Lone Fathers Association of Australia Inc page or Family Law Web Guide

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NCPP(EP) Submission

This is our submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Child Support Programme.


John Flanagan
Non-Custodial P

arents Party (Equal Parenting)
I feel like a novice for having not considered the tax aspects of having a CS liability.

If, by an act of divine parliamentary intervention it was considered, how would it work?

Reply to Sleepy

Hi Sleepy.

The child support system does not work. That is why 43 per cent of child support payers* are effectively out of work. This equates to about 330,000 people. The figure should be only about 5 or 6 per cent, which is the unemployment figure.

* reference - Table 5.2 "Child Support Scheme Facts and Figures" for the years 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 (the reporting was changed in 2007-2008 and the publication was then  stopped in 2008-2009).  


Your submission reads very well John for the employed parents on wages but you have made no mention about the self employed who get screwed over every time by the CSA/SSAT.
I put a brief outline note in the survey for you on how I was done over and no mention has been made in the submission.  Why not ?
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