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(Canada) eBook: "Courts From Hell: Family Injustice In Canada"

The intent of the book is to help expose and educate the public to the unfair treatment of families after divorce by a system driven by the greed of a self-serving divorce industry at the expense of Canada's children.

Frank Simons, author of the recently published book "Courts From Hell: Family InJustice In Canada", is pleased to announce that his book is now available throughout North America at major retailers including Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Amazon, and other on-line booksellers.

SPECIAL OFFER - Until the election: "COURTS FROM HELL: Family InJustice In Canada" can be downloaded (PDF, 1.5MB) FREE.

Courts From Hell: Family InJustice In Canada

From the media release:

Public support is needed to save the Canadian Family. Over recent years the dysfunctional Canadian Family Justice system through biased custody orders have deprived over 1 million children of the ability to love and be loved equally by both parents. This is causing them, the Canadian Family and society at large irreparable harm.

The intent of the book "Courts From Hell: Family InJustice In Canada" is to help expose and educate the public to the unfair treatment of families after divorce by a system driven by the greed of a self serving divorce industry at the expense of Canada's children.

If the public was aware of the corruption in the Family Justice System, changes could come in a heartbeat. For the over $6 Billion a year spent by taxpayers and families in crises there is absolutely no value. It's time to Get Families Out Of Court.

I wonder if some years ago while aboriginal children were being taken away from their families, the government of the day knew it was wrong. I suspect so but they didn't have the moral fortitude to act. Does this really need to be repeated again? Can we change the future or simply wait for another PM to again apologize for the devastation to families and our society caused by inaction?

Until the election call, an all party vote was to be scheduled in the House of Commons on a Private Members Motion M-483 initiated by conservative MP Maurice Vellacott of Saskatoon to amend the divorce act to include a presumption of equal parenting after divorce.

Currently, only the Conservative party has shown any support for the family and equal parenting. Please demand your MP makes the right of the children to have both natural parents (Equal Parenting) after divorce a priority on their election agenda.

If ever an issue deserved non partisan political support, the health of the Canadian Family is that issue. Change will never come from the top down but from the bottom up. When you see abuse of power, you've got to speak.

Please encourage everyone you know to cast a vote for Families and Equal Parenting in the upcoming election.

Over the coming months, I look forward to meeting many of you at book signings in your neighbourhoods.

The Canadian Family… It's About Time

Frank Simons

For more information please see:

Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgements … 8

2. Forward … 9

3. Introduction … 10

This Book in a Nutshell … 12

My Perspective … 14

From dedicated dad to deadbeat dad with one swing of the gavel…. 15

4. Divorced Families in Canada - The Decline … 17

The Stats / Whats at stake … 17

Parental Alienation  Fatherlessness A new crises … 20

It's Official: The Experiment Has Failed … 21

Fatherlessness in Society … 24

5. The Business of Family … 31

The Divorce Industry - Cost to Canadian Taxpayers and Families in Crises … 31

6. Canadas answer to Family needs … 35

Dysfunctional Courts … 35

Courts Drive a Father to Ultimate Desperation - Suicide … 38

A Daughter Speaks to a Dads life taken by the court … 44

The Court Destroys another Family … 50

Family Courts  The Perfect Crime … 61

No Fault Divorce  Ya… Right! … 62

7. The Canadian Family Justice System … 68

Family Law in Canada … 68

Government Inaction … 71

8. The Support Laws  Obscene orders … 75

Child Support Guidelines … 75

Example of How Child Support Guidelines Discriminate against Children … 77

So what does research say? … 81

Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines  not government approved … 85

TAX - The Impacts. Can they make it any more difficult? … 95

9. Judges - Biased and Out of Touch … 99

Who are these Judges? … 99

Supreme Court Judges … 100

Gender Equality … 102

What the Law says  what the courts order … 103

Judicial Discrimination: Custody judgements … 106

Judges have their own Charter … 113

10. Irrational Judgements and Orders … 116

The Initial Interim Order  anything but! … 116

Steps To Bankruptcy  a judicial team effort  122

How can you ignore Legal Costs … 125

More Judges Required  You Gotta Be kidding … 126

Process and Efficiency - Where is Sheila Fraser? … 127

Process example details: … 130

11. Back to the Future - New Beginnings Impossible … 139

Wheres the rule book? … 139

What is the bases for Custody Orders? … 141

Pensions and retirement … 141

Child Support Duration and Age of Majority … 143

Spousal Support Entitlement and Duration … 144

12. Family Lawyers  Now theres an Oxymoron … 145

The Lawyer  Its No Joke … 145

The Childrens Best Interest? … 146

Lawyers fees  Justice made inaccessible … 148

The Legal Process  It Isnt to Serve Families … 151

Self Representation  Yikes … 153

13. After the Battle is Over - The FRO Gong Show … 156

The Family Responsibility Office  the enforcers … 156

Deadbeat Dads - The Reality … 158

How the system creates deadbeats … 161

14. Non-Custodial Access Rights … 172

Child Abduction  Access denial of choice supported by the courts172

15. Domestic Violence - Deplorable but a Gender Tie … 179

Impact and Reality … 179

Intimate Partner Abuse Against Men … 181

RADAR Canada Statement Nov 2006-11-03 … 182

Womens Shelters  Hijacked by Feminists  Founder … 185

Mens Shelter Movement  Filling a gap that shouldnt be there … 191

Status of Women  What about Status of Families? … 195

Real Women  A breath of Fresh Air … 195

A Womens View … 198

16. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms … 200

Human Rights  Not in Family Court … 200

Survey  Family Courts and the Charter … 206

END Of Part 1 … 212

17. Part 2  A New Beginning … 213

Introduction  It doesnt have to be this way! … 213

Quick Background from Part 1 … 214

Where to start  the current solution is the problem … 215

18. The Solution is: Get Families Out of Court … 216

Why are courts the problem? … 216

Benefits of Removing families from Courts … 218

How can we accomplish this? … 221

1. Shared Parenting: … 222

The Conservative Party Position on Shared Parenting … 223

Research from the U.S. … 225

The Lawyers are Getting Nervous … 228

2. Update laws and specifically the Divorce Act … 232

3. An alternative approach that would Remove Families From Court. … 237

19. A Challenge to the Government of Canada … 241

Minister of Family Affairs … 241

The Top Ten List … 244

How Can I Help?  The voice of the People is needed to save Families … 247

20. Conclusion Part 2: … 250

Senator Anne C. Cools  A politician with Backbone . 250

The Family: A Unique Gift for All of Society … 261

21. Resources / References … 262

Research and Support Resources … 266

About the Author … 271

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