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Mother moves to Adelaide - Court orders Children stay in Sydeny

These are Interim orders made by CFM Pascoe


Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
Awesome precedent for unilateral relocation.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

CFM Pascoe - in the "Judicial Officers worthy of a mention" section?

Does this put CFM Pascoe in the "Judicial Officers worthy of a mention" section. What an excellent judgement considering the inability of the parents to get on.

The FM's seem to be more agile these days. We should well support the Federal Magistrates where they are making these excellent well considered judgements and utilising the key sections we fought so hard to change in 2006. I have been writing extensively about 60CC and 60CA in other forums and these are new integral components of the Act that need to be dealt with in the way that CFM Pascoe has done here. The SPCA says "Well done" !  :thumbs:

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When CFM Pascoe starts reducing the waiting list in his Courts and appoints another 10 like Altobelli his name will go up in lights on this site.

Did you read this John?

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

Gives Hope

Hi All,

To someone who is currently fighting to keep his kids in the same state I say THANK YOU CFM Pascoe.

If someone else came and took my kids to another state to live it would be a police manhunt and the top story on Channel 9 news.

It is about time these parents who in affect commit these child abductions are brought to bear some consequence of their actions.

God Bless all those before who have worked so hard to give me 1/2 a chance to stop my children from being legally abducted from me.

I will keep you all posted how my case progresses and we will see if some old standards have actually changed.

Your future starts today
I am trying to get my kids brought back by applying for a variation of the orders that allowed them to be kept in the bush by their mother after she legally abducted them there.

I have to show changed circumstances under the Rice and Asplund principle and get the case reheard under the new laws post the 7/06 amendments. ie. ask for shared care which requires them to live in the same city as both parents, so she would have to move back to Sydney.

What does your reference to CFM Pascoe mean?

You are probably in the wrong forum. I think his case was that the Mother moved and was ordered back or something similar?

I read your other postings and I get the impression you are clutching at straws looking for a good case out of many bad ones. It seems you want shared care and for the Mother to relocate so this is two issues.

Are you represented? I notice you are also a member of the same group as me, what do they say about your case?
Hello, this is my first post. A short introduction. My partner is father of two children under six and he has had to follow correct legal procedures to maintain a relationship with his children, negotiations with the mother have been a long slow process (longer than she allowed the parents relationship to continue  (which was two years and eleven months). He is nearly at the point of final orders. The mother does not want equal shared parental responsibility and is quite clearly not discussing schooling , medication (asthma) and has only recently allowed the father to phone the children at least once a week. The latest is the threat that the children will be moving to the country. Mummy asked us if we would like to move to the country . We said yes. The mother has not tried to communicate this to the father at this point. Do we wait and let this happen? We fear if the father approaches the mother about this, the children will be scared to talk to us about anything. The reason we are scared is because the mother shared an affidavit among other things with the kids Why did you write that paper list daddy it made mummy cry and us cry too. If we just take a deep breath and wait to see what happens how long would it be before recovery orders will bring the kids back , will it bring them back, can we put it to the judge on the next court date? The father has had to communicate to the mother that using the children as the decision maker is actually a breach of the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility. She claims it is not criminal to to ask the children how they feel about things and consider their happiness but when he points out where she has not listened to the kids he is ignored. I hope this is an acceptable post as any help would be greatly appreciated. I certainly do not mind constructive criticism either. Thank you.
P.S I tacked it to the end of this topic I believe it to be relevent and it is great to see proof the Courts are a good thing as my fiance and I believe they have helped his and his childrens position immensley.
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