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Public lecture to discuss the new family law amendments in Sydney on Wednesday

Professor Nicholas Bala, a leading international expert will shed new light on the contentious issue of post-separation parenting legislation when Sydney Law Schools Distinguished Speakers Program kicks off for 2012 this Wednesday.
Professor Nicholas Bala of Queens University, Ontario, Canada who is a leading expert on issues related to children, youth and families in the justice system will deliver the first lecture in the series, entitled 2011 family law amendments and family violence: has parliament finally got it right?
 Professor Bala should also examine the impenetrable barriers to proving allegations of child abuse and domestic violence in Australian Family Courts set up by the application of Section 140 (2)© in such civil cases and the co-application of the `Briginshaw Principle. (See for example M&M, Krach and Krach, Langmeil & Grange and many others). The application of such law and principles in Family Courts turns such civil proceedings to determine the care and welfare of children, into quasi-criminal proceedings, yet no one is charged with any offence nor is it a trial of anyone accused of a criminal offence. It also sets a mythical `Third Standard of evidential proof which is unprecedented in any other form of civil or criminal proceedings and as such, creates a very murky area between the respective and accepted standards of evidential proof in civil and criminal law.
 The Professor may also wish to examine the definition of ~the Best Interests of the Child which in Australian Family Law carries as the primary consideration being `a meaningful relationship between a parent and a child, and in particular how the law can create and maintain such a `meaningful relationship if it does not already exist, or is rejected by one of the parties. The law may have a number of purposes, but imposing a personal relationship on unwilling parties cannot be among such purposes or ever be achieved.

Family law amendments and family violence: has parliament finally got it right? | Asian Correspondent
The ironing please. Now.
Despite its length and detail, Professor Bala believes the 2011 law does not give clear guidance for making complex decisions, often in a context of factual uncertainty and difficulty in predicting the future.
Professor Bala will argue that while safety of children must be a priority, professionals must make individualized assessments that consider the 5Ps of family violence. They must also take account of the stage of the proceedings and the resources available to ensure safety, and address the challenge of false or exaggerated allegations of family violence, as well as of false denials by perpetrators and false recantations by victims.
I would have to say I pretty much agree….he really doesn't seem to support your prior arguments that these new laws are wonderful Samba!
What do you think srldad was trying to say here? Hmmmm gee he is a bit of farking w$&ker isnt he? Imagine being his ex wife urgh yuK what a pig!
I don't know if this made in on here last year but is relevant to the debate

The feminist trojan horse in Family Law - YouTube feature=related
George Christensen is a man of courage and principle. I do hope the LNP leadership has the sense to take his message on board and to use this man of principle in a senior role.

The ALP is failing as an organisation because it has been taken over by the shadowy, gender-discriminatory Emily's List, which has more Parliamentary representatives than any Union and is cross-factional, while it is not even officially affiliated with the Party. The role of the group in the putsch against Rudd has been carefully ignored, as has its role in keeping the obviously failed leadership of Gillard in place. The fact is that the Party is no longer the party of working class people, it is the Party of feminist women bureaucrats and lawyers, with policies designed to create opportunities for women bureaucrats and lawyers while ignoring the needs of men and boys. This is a direct result of Emily's List's cross-factional backroom deals, as well as the lack of guts of the senior male ALP members who've failed their own constituents, the hard-working men and women of Australia.

"Whether you're a Member of Parliament, current candidate, a political activist with parliamentary aspirations or just a passionate supporter of progressive women, EMILY's List can provide you with opportunities to
empower your participation, develop your skills or garner support from a nationwide network of volunteers."


"We have record numbers of talented progressive women in Parliaments across the country, many holding important ministerial positions within Labor Governments
where they are impacting directly on public policy for the common good of women."

I note they've removed any reference to candidates, which seems to indicate they're worried about the association becoming known. Assume any female candidate standing for the ALP has been put there by Emily's List and you'll not be far wrong.

I urge anybody living in one of the electorates listed to campaign vigorously against the Emily's List member. Make a point of discussing her gender-discriminatory views with people you know. Make posters and distribute them. Raise the level of public awareness of the existence of this pernicious bunch of man-haters. There's plenty of ammunition available on the EL website.

The Qld election is coming up, don't just confine yourself to the federal arena. The full list of Emily's List's Qld Parliamentarians is

Anna Bligh South Brisbane
Desley Boyle Cairns
Jan Jarratt Whitsunday
Jo-Ann Miller Bundamba
Lindy Nelson-Carr Mundingburra
Rachel Nolan Ipswich
Desley Scott Woodridge
Christine Smith Burleigh
Judy Spence Mt Gravatt
Barbara Stone Springwood
Karen Struthers Algestar

Let's make it our goal to see the back of the lot of them and send a strong message to the ALP that it is not acceptable to promote women who regard gender discrimination as a reasonable practise.
so which member represents you samba or are u already one of them?
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