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Eureka - a response to family lawyers raking in 5bn/yr

Family Court divorce rates in countries implementing the presumption that shared parenting is in the best of children halve in 3 years. In Australia the legislation has existed since 2006, as maximum time with both parents subject to the precondition of joint parental responsibility, but court ordered shared parenting has increased by only 4% to 17%. We must ask why the judiciary has refused to implement this legislative intent. The $5bn mining tax almost brought down the government yet this cost continues to be ripped straight out of the pockets of Australian families on the pretence that it is in their childrens best interests. 150 years ago Australia rebelled over a %5 mining licence.  Today on the whim of allegation Fathers are bankrupted to see their children. Divorce related male suicide exceeds the road toll while government sponsors millions promoting the self-perpetuating myth of pervasive domestic violence. Clearly this situation is not in anyone's interests, except the legal industry. Major family law reform occurs once every 30 years. We cannot allow a self-interested family law industry protected by a sanctimonious family court judiciary to pervert the will of the people mandated by Parliament. Noticeably The High Court seems to have divorced itself from Family law since the amendments

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Did those countries have benefits such as parenting payment single with children from 51% care time, rent & bond assistance, child care rebates, pension card discounts, family assistance etc.. etc..  to protect?

Perhaps this is also a reason of the slow change - another group also has too much to lose with presumed share parenting.

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