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"Revisiting", "face to face negotiation"

Please clarify "face to face negotiation" and Revisiting matters that have already been heard

AGOG said
I think the initial issue of 'revisiting' has been dealt with here. How about letting 'face to face negotiation' deal with it rather than put up the backs of everyone by a blatant attack on the wrong target
AGOG - I am new to this website/forum.  I am interested in what you are saying but I don't understand. 

Do you mean we shouldn't attempt to lobby the government to allow parents to revisit their case, but rather focus on encouraging the ex-partner to do (voluntary) mediation in an FRC ?  (Because I have tried that and my ex-partner refuses voluntary mediation).

Or do you mean we should pursue face to face negotiation with the government rather than attack the Family Courts and Federal Magistrates Courts ?

Please explain.

Cheers, Geoff

Coordinator, Equal Parenting Movement

Co-director, Fathers4Equality


I am heartily glad that you are now using the term 'we' I hope not in the Queen Victoria sense but in the collective sense

As you would have surmised there have been various, shall we say 'discrete' approaches made face to face with those than can make the decisions. These "face to face" often accomplish far more than "in your face" pressure on the Courts. 'Perhaps' these should be allowed to run their course.

We as in SRL-R (and definately the SPCA) prefer the continuing ability of being able to approach Faulkes and others to directly discuss issues (Perhaps in the future the Secretary of the SPCA will tell you why) We are certainly not going to attack the Family Court with this current climate of discussion

Voluntary mediation is a crock, mediation should be compulsory - let us see what happens after 1st July when the new amendments take effect. Although to be honest we have been using the 'refusal to attend mediation' as a very useful tool

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