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Minor Suing Parent

Hello so I'm 16 years old and wondering could I sue my dad or get emancipation. He suffers from paranoia, and it puts a lot of stress on me, his paranoia gets in the way of my life.
I buy my own food every week, buy my own clothes, cook for myself, the only things he does are provide the roof over my head and pay for my school fees. I live home alone  3-4 nights a week. Make my own way to and from work most days and too and from school. My mom passed away 4 years ago and left me 25% of her insurance in the will, its supposedly to pay for my education between now and 25, so I was wondering if I did become emancipated ( if  I could prove neglective parenting ) would I then be able to take that 25 % and pay for my own education?
On the topic of suing, I'd try for emotional distress as my father is extremely religious and I'm an atheist, so he's always telling me how I will burn in hell, how I'm an idiot, how i have no future without god and this among with the lack of a mother figure weighs heavy on my shoulders. Besides that, his paranoia makes me afraid to have friends over, ( not that he'd allow it ) he always blames me or ( the spies  who follow him ) when ever he misplaces something and slows down to a complete stop when driving because he believes people are following him. I've tried ignoring him and living with it but it just keeps getting harder. We have arguments over religion and his beliefs in the spies following him whenever he's home, and because he's hardheaded he doesn't let me speak which stresses me out even more. I'd like to move out but I'm not sure where I'd go and I don't know how to get emancipated because as my guardian he has to sign for most things and he refuses to do so just to thwart my plans of moving out. We used to live in Zimbabwe and he used to do what i would call child abuse, beating me with peachie sticks, belts, wooden spoons, flippers, basically anything he could get his hands on, but now instead all he does is threaten to take my share of the will, which is all i have left of my mom. So if anyone can provide any information please do so.
Are you in America? I assume so because you spell mum, mom and the term emancipation is used alot over there. This is predominantly an Australian forum. In Australia you can legally leave home, cut all ties with your parents and claim centrelink benefits at 16.

If you are in Australia contact your relevant family and community services or a centrelink social worker, who maybe able to help you find accommodation.

As for the will, you'd need to get it looked over by a solicitor who would then be able to give accurate legal advice. If you are in Australia contact legal aid and see if they can give you some advice for free.
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