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Justice Johnston

What an impressive and humble Judge

Hi everyone,

My big day yesterday! I had a last minute change in Judges when I checked the court list ,which is posted the day before on the family court web site……. Very off putting as the Judicial Registrar I had consistently for a few court appearances had instructed me to do a few things due to "his discretion" which did not follow the family law rules to the letter!! (to do with service of court documents , filing a document the proper way ).

Anyway I looked up " Justice Johnston" in your search engine and got nothing so wanted to add my experience for those who come after me……

Justice Johnston from Newcastle Family Law Court, what a gentleman! Most Judges have an air or arrogance and you feel STUPID and small no matter how well prepared you are,( even lawyers and barristers get servings in a tone of contempt or if a mistake is made the Judge will pounce ) but not with this Judge. I sat in on 4 cases previous to my own and on one where a grandmother was seeking undefended sole responsibility of a child, your Honour ignored her lawyer and spoke kindly to her ,addressing questions to her and in the end commended her warmly for the fantastic job she was doing. The same theme of kindness and genuine interest and concern was there in all 4 cases I observed.

When it came to me for the first time EVER in a court room I did not feel intimidated or scared and after finalising my orders he commented that he was sorry for all the problems I had faced in my case and thanked me!!!!!

It takes a truly great man in a position of power to be humble and I was so moved by this extraordinary Judge I will be writing to the court to thank him.If only all Judges were like Justice Johnston.
Thats great news beautifulDAY! Well done! Great to see that all the hard work paid off. So does that mean its all over for you now?

I ended up getting Consent Orders so thankfully, my case never reached court.
Justice Johnston was until recently "Judicial Registrar Johnston". I'm glad you caught him on the right day. He's is very unpredictable and somewhat difficult. He'd be the LAST person I'd want a matter before. Although, to be fair, he did me some favours when I was last before him. But he sure can be hard work.


FM Altobelli is a nice man

I can say that FM Altobelli is a nice man too. Despite orders that didn't exactly go my way (there is always a loser I guess!) he truly did have my son's best interests at heart.

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