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FM Justice Coakes

I went before Federal Magistrate Coakes, and I thought he was excellent.

How about Justice Coakes who is to make an interim parenting decision about an infant in 2 weeks time? Any bias, ect?

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Hi kalimnadancer,

I went before Federal Magistrate Coakes, and I thought he was excellent.

I was SR and the ex had a solicitor. The ex had changed something to do with financials that was very dodgy and the Magistrate gave it to his solicitor and ordered information to do with the company within 2 weeks. When the solicitor said that is not enough time he replied "well that is bad luck, your client should have thought of that before he changed his position after filing his financial statement". He asked what was the name of the accountant and when neither the solicitor or the ex knew he gave them a serve about that too!

My advise is too do a search on the FM 's name on AustLII under "this phrase" and you will get a list of recent judgements by this FM.

Also if you can go to the court and sit in on their hearings (list of cases and who will be hearing them are posted on Family Court web site the day before) and if that is not possible at least go early on the day of your hearing and sit in on all the cases before yours.This prepared me when I was before a JR who was very abrupt so I was prepared to handle how he was going to ( and sure enough did ) speak to me.

The most important thing I had to remember was to be humble (I have a problem with being over confident which comes off as arrogant apparently) and stand when speaking or being spoken too.

Good luck I am sure you will be fine before FM Coakes, very quietly spoken , fair ,nice man in my opinion.
I have been told Coakes favours women and the case is from the non-residential male. Is this a disadvantage?
Also the female respondant is attending by telephone with solicitor.
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