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Federal Magistrate Halligan

Yes Federal Magistrate Halligan is a hard working Federal Magistrate worthy of mention

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A child support matter

Here is what one court attendee said

After sitting watching Federal Magistrate Halligan for a few hours, the guy described him as the most hard working Public Servant he had ever seen, right at the top of his game, incisive and decisive, and worth more than what ever he is paid.

The guy did not get all he wanted but his view was still positive

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David Halligan does deserve a mention as very fair and very even handed. He is a delight to watch and appear in front of - no nonsense with him.

With SRLs he is both patient and instructive.

There is a basic premise to Halligan - be straight with him and he will be straight with you, do not try and con him with silly stories

At Parramatta he has a reputation with the legal profession - they either like him or dislike him. His admirers and there are many, are very categoric - he follows the rules and is impartial - they know exactly where they are. Some will openly say "Good, we are in front of Halligan"
Others will roll their eyes and issue a plaintive sigh - which means at some time they have really 'screwed up' and got a tongue lashing from Halligan because their incompetence has delayed or otherwise caused a hearing to be aborted.

It appears that after a delay of months for a hearing - the last thing he wants to hear is some childish excuse from a solicitor as to why they still have not either completed something or even served papers.

Since the days when he was a Senior Judicial Registrar in the Family Court at Parramatta he has been a sort of 'yardstick' of the legal professions performance in the Court. If they like Halligan it means they do not play games and get the job done professionally. Rolled eyes mean that at least once they have made some some dreadful mistake that has negatively affected their client or the other party.

We have had documentaries on the televison about the Family Court (who can forget Colliers exasperation when he pulled his wig down?) Perhaps Pascoe should allow a crew into Halligans Court one day. Seeing justice being done and seen to be done in a fair and equitable manner might convince many skeptics that these Courts are not as bad as a few very vocal detractors claim

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