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Federal Circuit Court Judge Evelyn Bender

Her Honour has practised as a solicitor, and served as an officer of the Family Court of Australia, for nearly 28 years

In 2008 there was a welcome to Federal Magistrate Evelyn Bender from the Victorian Bar association.

In 2005 Judge Evelyn Bender became Senior Family Law Advocate at Victoria Legal Aid and for all intents and purposes, an in-house barrister  and received instructions from VLA solicitors all over the state.

Judge Evelyn appeared in Melbourne and on circuit. she has appeared previously as the independent childrens lawyer and represented parties. She has appeared in complex and substantial matters so is extremly well informed on how the system works and what litigants, parents and children are expecting.

We are aware that Judge Evelyn worked closely with the Honourable Justice Dessau on the Magellan Project.

Magellan is a Family Court case management pathway for cases involving serious allegations of sexual or physical abuse of children in post-separation parenting matters. Justice Dessau headed the Committee that developed Magellan. The pilot project began in 1998. In the early days, Justice Dessau was the Magellan judge and Judge Evelyn the Magellan registrar.

Judge Evelyn we are told has always been famously  direct.

Judge Evelyn Bender was appointed on the 15th of September 2008.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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