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Cohen J... A Justice with concerns

A wise owl interested in the children

Recently before Justice Cohen, there was a property dispute running of around $44 million.

Cohen J pulled every one up between the cross-examination of the father, being brutally honest he exclaimed, "WHY DO THIS?"

They have all the money they will ever need and as there are children involved, he spent a good quarter of an hour explaining the damage that this may inflict on the children :( - there is no financial burden as they have enough resources to fight to the bitter end, which would be tragic.

Very positive speech. I hope they took notes.  

Never underestimate the desire of one party (sometimes both) to grind the other into the dirt to have them walk away from their children.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
And never underestimate the desire of a lawyer to earn more money.

Protracted battles with wealthy individuals are generally in the best interest of the childless, feminist lawyer who has just secured a 'star' client.

These unconscionable low-life's are completely devoid of concern about "the damage that this may inflict on the children".  Worse is they are tolerated by our society and the Family Law system, and no mechanism exists for 'cleaning them out'.
I tell you - its not limited to childless females lawyers.

The former lawyer representing the Mother of my child - a 'single-mother-of-two' - was fairly motivated. Went at me like a rabid dog!

She fleeced more than $100k off her. The 'best interests' of my child - was the least of her concern.

The lawyer has even put forward information to the court stated as fact which she knows is false and misleading. I have the proof. I put it in my first affidavit and did she run a mile!! A Notice of Discontinuance followed shortly thereafter.

I will be interested in Moore J's response when she finds out the truth of the matter - and the actions of the Mother and this lawyer - during the final hearing.

O'Ryan J gave the barristers (all 5 of them) a rollicking in the Mead case several weeks ago. He even threatened to send them to the Bar Association. He eventually sent the public out of the gallery so he could have a private 'chat' with them.

The rumour is that $900k has been spent so far in a dispute over a property worth $1.5k…!!?

O'Ryan J is not happy because he knows it will reflect badly on him.

The Mead case is now into its 57 day with another 14 days scheduled. O'Ryan has been forced to vacate other cases as a result.

I need a ciggy…. ; )

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