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Canberra Federal Magistrates Brewster and Donald


I just wanted to check if anyone has had any matters before or seen in action, either FM Brewster or FM Donald in Canberra?

I've seen a little of FM Brewster but will be back this week to sit in on a few more cases and the same went with FM Donald. Although, FM Magistrate Donald was on circuit at the time I saw him.

I've searched the AustLII website and have found a few cases to give me an idea but some personal insights would be appreciated.

Any insight into either?

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I have been before Brewster FM. He's older, strikes me as thoughtful, fair, to the point, even handed. Doesn't seem to suffer poor preperation.

He explains his judgements very well. I didn't get all I sought but he explained why and I found it very reasonable.

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