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Mother given minimal acess due to false allegations and mental illness

Runcorn & Raine [2008] FamCA 837 16/10/2008

FAMILY LAW - CHILDREN -With whom children live - Discussion of the practical application of s60CC objects and principles - where the mother makes allegations of risk of physical harm from father and father makes allegations of risk of psychological harm from mother where the parties have no ability to communicate or co-operate where concerns exist as to the mental health of the mother where the children need stability and consistency in parenting where the mother failed to volunteer information of her pregnancy at trial and failed to consider the impact of household composition for the children where the mother is dismissive of the fathers role in the childrens life where the father doesnt appear on the birth certificate and the mother does not call the children by the fathers name - Finding that a significant relationship between mother and children will cause psychological harm for the children - order the children live with the father order the formal registration of the father on birth certificate parties to make submissions as to what orders should be made for time spent between mother and children

The mother appears to be quite disfunctional.

What does everyone make of this judgement? Does someone pretending they are a victim without evidance appear to make them delusional before a judge.


Han Solo routine "We're all fine here, thanks. How are you?" *weapons fire* "It was a boring conversation anyway!"
Allegations of violence and abuse is one of the most difficult tasks that Family Court judges face.

In the majority of such matters it is a case of the victim's word against the accused with little corroborative evidence available to the Court, Yet it is essential that the court makes a careful, considered and detailed evaluation of the evidence available to it so as to make orders which best secure the safety of children and other family members.

Runcorn & Raine 2008

Runcorn & Raine 2008

Alternately to find this I went to and typed in Runcorn & Raine in the search field.

Just scanning through it I noticed this, which I believe says a lot:

The mother also alleges that the father (and his family) practise witchcraft. Her foundation for that belief appears to emanate from an assertion that the father and his family are Pagans. She says these beliefs are likely to have an impact on the children because, in particular, she alleges that the father has told her that they (including the children) run naked around a fire and have cutting and binding ceremonies and smoke lots of dope. The father denies each and all of these specific allegations. He says he is an atheist but he accepts and respects the beliefs of others. He indulges, he says, in no practices, regularly or at all, that could be described as witchcraft. I accept his evidence in that respect.

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