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Masters and Masters 2008 FamCA 283

Orders relating to a birthday party with the father's relatives at the childs preschool and or fathers alternate venue with additional fathers side family present

FAMILY LAW - CHILDREN - Interim - With whom a child spends time - Orders for the child's birthday.

1. That the husband shall spend time with the child … ("the child") born … March 2001 from 3.00pm to 5.00pm on the child's birthday in March 2008 at the Children's Play Centre at G, and that he shall attend without other people on that

2. That there shall be a transcript prepared of today's reasons for judgment and it shall remain on the court file.
3. That all questions of costs of this day shall be reserved.
4. That until further order the husband shall not bring any person with him during the times to be spent with the child unless the parties agree in advance in writing or they specifically agree in the presence of or are directed by the therapeutic counsellor.
5. That the husband's Application in a Case filed 5 March 2008 shall be and is hereby dismissed.

1. That the Independent Children's Lawyer is requested to take all necessary steps to ensure that the therapeutic counselling referred to in my orders made on 21 December 2007 shall be put in place as soon as possible.

Master & Masters - Birthday party

Thanks for that 4mydaughter - it is an interesting read and certainly throws a different light on the report on the site.

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