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Escott and Lowe

Contains some good general pointers about current decision making

Recent FCoA judgment.

Discusions  of significant and subtantial and reference this is not equal time

Some hostility between the parents

Implications from the judge that the Father is not child foceused

Father claimed unable to 'find' parenting courses

Some small 'pointers' in this judgment about what NOT to present in Court and the attitudes expected by the Court


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This Dad never has a Friday night free as he has contact one week Friday through Monday and every other week Thursday through Saturday. A total of 7 nights in 14 shared care but surely Thursday night through Monday and alternate weeks Mon through Wed may have bene more practical.  :cool:  O_o

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The reality of parenting

In intact families,it is not unusal for a parent to have parenting on commitment on a particular night of ther week. In this case there might have been a particular activity he wanted to involve the children in. I know I face the same situation re Thursdays and Friday Nights. Haven't had a free one in over 12 months, Saturdays are pretty rare too. The friday night was particularly usefull though as it allowed me to ensure my son's participation in a full season of sports (Little A's) which became an important part of maintaining and deepening my son's attachment to myself.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
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