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Overnights for a 15 month old. This is an important judgement in relation to very young children and a good outcome for the father.

Please read the attached.

Overnights for a 15 month old.

Just make certain if have a parenting course under your belt in case the other side says the child is too young or claims you don't have skills.


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Good read

I completed a parenting course before possible court time, just in case best to always be a boy scout. Ehhh

Overnights for 19 month old

I found a recent judgment for staged increases in time including overnights for a 19 month old in a "high conflict" case. Overnights to begin just prior to child's 2nd birthday. May be useful.

Following on from this idea that the contact has been heavily supervised,whilst the court case is ongoing, because of conflict or abuse allegations, and problem is fixed (rebuted in court), Is anyone aware of judgements that reflect the reintroduction of contact, overnight stays etc. How long to they do the introduction process over?


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That's hard to answer as it depends on the individual situation.

It could be 12 months or a few months. Depends on the age of the child, duration of separation from child and care regime for the child prior.

In our case, we were able to establish that my partner had cared substantially for his child. This carried some weight with the FM and he allowed for overnights very quickly and block access again, very quickly (a matter of months). The child was a toddler.

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Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
I wonder how much value is placed on substantial and significant care of the child prior to separation. IE in the first year regular days off work for care and the main person up at nights, bathing, changing, feeding etc. Then at home full time for 8 months prior to separation.

Also what is the effect of the mother then keeping time down to 2 days a week for the 3 months after separation, despite weekly requests for more time by the father.   

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