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Is Shared Parenting a reality

A short post about the reality or not of shared parenting

I have recently seperated but the feminists that surround my ex tell me I have no chnace of seeing my kids unless I pay and pay and pay. I have almost lost hope as there is no good news.

What should I do

If I have a reply I might joing up instead of operate as a guest:'(

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Shared parenting is a potential reality (been there got that). The first step is ignoring the the other parents antics/manipulations. The next step requires you to take back control of your OWN decision making process. The next step is to research what your REAL legal position is, taking into account real world stuff such as Age(s) of Child(ren), work commitments, time you are willing to devote to parenting and achieving your goal.

To find out what your REAL legal position is, ther is no substitue for doing your own research. Read judgements, seek legal opinions from a number of different source. Ie a number of lawers including but not limited to The Family Relationship Advice Line 1800 050 321, the Law Acess Line (usualy run by the Law Society in your state) and a couple of private or community (Legal Aid or Community Legal centre) lawyers. I would also recommend getting some "lay" advice from support groups and other men going through similar situations, but be careful, their experience should be recent. Mind you, the same applies to solicitors.

The one thing that is sure to leave you in doubt is blindly following the advice of your ex, her friends and her solicitor. Usually they are looking after their own agenda.

The other thing is DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT RESULTS. Unfortunately it takes time and commitment, but then that is part of what being a parent is about.

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For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
Oneadadc said
 ..but be careful, their experience should be recent
This is a very good piece of advice as there are many older cases where court outcomes have been extremely poor particularly for dads. This is now rapidly changing it seems with recent court decisions giving substaintial time orders.  :thumbs:

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