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Is divorce too easy to obtain?

Researcher requiring information

 Well, I'm currently doing a law assignment on the topic - divorce in Australia.
I was wondering if you all could express your opinion.
Personally, what I think is, divorce can be obtain too easily in Australia with the current system.
Here are some of my arguments:
i) the existence of "no-fault" divorce
ii) divorce can be obtain online
iii) hearings can be conducted in the absence of the parties
Don't you all agree that it is too easy?

By design and practice - Divorce is far too easy.

In my particular case - the wife's application was granted in spite of my objections.

Divorces are/were granted by Registrars in the Family Court. Registrars are JUNIOR judicial officers who seem to be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes per application. This is just about enough time for the two parties to identify themselves.

My objections were related to the errors [ie LIES] in the wife's application.

In retrospect, my objections to the wife's lies were probably considered sufficient evidence that the marriage had failed.

John G.   FLRA Treasurer.

Honorary Treasurer, Family Law reform Association of NSW Inc.
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