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How many allegations of fraud are made by the payer ?

CSA and Fraud

Allegations of Fraud

CSA's lack of stance, why?

I have recently viewed a few articles on this website, relating to CSA's lack of stance, when it comes to investigating fraud allegations. Each article had two themes.

1. CSA not adequately investigating fraud allegations

2. References to parents providing false information to reduce the Child Support liability

I refer to article; Review of Child Support Urged, by Carol Nader

" Government authorities are failing to adequately investigate allegations of child support fraud and prosecute parents who have deliberately provided misleading information Ombudsman has found"

"It appears that CSA staff does not generally regard investigating and prosecuting customer fraud as an appropriate strategy or efficient use of resource, he had released yesterday"

It is apparent from the articles I have viewed, there were many complaints made to the Ombudsman about CSA not investigating allegations of fraud.

What I would like to know is; how many of those allegations referred to payee's providing false information to increase their CS liability?

What is the percentage of complaints made against the payee's in comparison to payers. Has there ever been any independent research into this.

If it was found, that there are substantial complaints about alleged fraud by payee's, investigating and prosecuting those customers, wouldn't by CSA standards, be a very appropriate strategy or efficient use of resources.
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