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family report

i have been ordered to do a family report, which is happening in 3 weeks (only advised of the date 2 weeks ago) final hearing in 2 months

the report wont be available to review until 2 days (at the earliest) after documents for final hearing are due

my questions are

can i email the associate (or does it have to be in writing) and request the lodgement date for documents be deferred so that i can review the family report before lodging my documents

and should i get support from the other party and ICL for this before sending the request as they also will have the same issues


You can ask for consent to defer the date for lodgement, which will then need to be agreed to by the court. If consent is not forthcoming, you can simply ask the court for another mention on those grounds.

Do you expect the report to change the details of your submission?
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