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Family Report went well... I think

Anyone felt confident but was then disappointed?

Has anybody felt like their family report has gone really well, but then been disappointed or surprised with the results?

The reporter certainly wasn't seeming to be on "my side" - he seemed very much on the childs side and asked me some really probing and difficult questions and challeneged some of my thinking which was great because it showed he wants to get to the source of the issues. But generally I would say it went really well and I'm anticipating that my ex won't get 50% because my concerns were taken seriously and I articulated them well. And things that the child said to him backed up what I said about the impact on him. I wasn't planning on him interviewing my current partner because it had not been organised that way, but he interviewed her too and asked her some really interesting stuff that would have shown even more of the impact my exes behaviour has on us all.

So should I be feeling relieved and a tiny bit confident, or have others also felt pretty confident and then gotten a terrible result?
my family reporter was able to see from the outside what was going on quite clearly. He interviewed both parties and the child of course but also read the affidavits and could see how the ex was what he called a "master manipulator" he urged me to never go back to her and i said i wouldnt as he could see the vindictivness of her. he asked me what i was asking for in relation to time and said i asked for a realistic proposal and said he was going to endorse it 100%. i never got the report for a while so u can imagine the anxiety building up (and i also thought what if he played me for a fool) but no he didnt when i read the report i thought it was money well spent, subsequently it gave little for the ex to bargain with at trial directions and i now have a very good order i am pleased with. (36% care) the child is 4.
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