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family report dad needs some advice

if the children dont want to live with their mother how does this effect the family report

hi people i am a dad that two children in his care i would like to know if anyone can give me any advice

when it comes to the family report how significant is it that the children dont want to live with their mother the kids are 4 and a bit 5 and a half
That point in isolation considering their young age - not a huge amount. The writer of the family report will get much more mileage.
I am surprised that this comment would be included in a family report. If it is it could be significant depending on the context and how it was submitted. 

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from a legal viewpoint i dont have anything to suggest however my partner is in the same situaiton as you describe and his older child is of the same age. i have been involved in 2 family reports both included interviews and observations. from my experiences i would say it is unlikely that the family consultant would interview your children because of their young age however i do recall in my partners case that the mothers other child aged 7 was interviewed. the questions though remained quite vague so i would say that your children possibly would not be asked any questions that would prompt an answer of whom they wish to reside with. also the court will determine the weight to which a childs comments/statements are to be given and at 4 and 5, even 6 it wouldnt be unusual for the court to suggest the children are not able to express any mature views on the situation. focusing on the facts surrounding why your children do not want to go with the mother might prove to be a better tactic? - this information would probably be included in an affidavit or similar document and provided to the family consultant prior to the family interviews (you would have to confirm this with someone that has a legal background)
I would wonder what sort of conversations are occurring with children so young?
And what the effect of those conversations will have on the children's behaviour when it gets to report time, they likely will not "question" but they will observe.
The observations may well result in conclusions being drawn about each parent and their parenting capabilities.
From my previous experience observations have not been longer than 10 minutes for each party with the children and no comments were made regarding the parents capabilities of caring for the children but rather whether the observations were positive or negative and interactions intrusive or non-intrusive with a brief description of those interactions.

The family consultant may not ask direct questions but have a subtle way of finding relevant answers. i believe some questions that was asked of a 7 year old child during a family report that i was included was 'if you could change 3 things about your family what would those things be?' and also 'what makes you happy/sad about your family'. ive notice family consultants use a general term like family and let the child associate their feelings to a particular person and depending on the answers the child gives the family consultant might gather information you wouldnt expect to gain from asking a direct question to a young child. 
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