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Family Report Cost

When the court orders a family report from the court report writers do you have a cost. I am a SRL (the applicant) and the 3 respondents are  all legal aid funded.

Also if one respondent lives in another state must they attend?
In my case the ICL requested a forensics psychologist and the initial cost was paid by legal aid, legal aid than sent me a bill for 1/2 the cost about $2900 dollars.  I think the other party is on welfare and I'm sure they received a legal aid grant so there was no cost to them.  I could be wrong but that is my understanding.  At first the forensics psychologist was going to travel to the regional town I live in and see both parties but I wrote the ICL a letter to expalin where the parties live and than both of us had to travel to our captial city to see the  psychologist is his rooms.   
This is a family report person at the courthouse so if ordered ( which will happen after next court appearance ) I hope it is not to expensive.
If it is from the court it should be free.
Thanks fairgo, I hope so. Probably not happen until July so have to wait and see I suppose.
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