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Experience of Family Report on Final Orders...

Having received family report.

Strong recommendations the children remain primarily in my care with every second weekend and half school holidays for the mother.

My understanding is family reports are pretty influential, with the addition it was requested by the ICL & the Court. Hoping I get that outcome.

From experiences, what have others seen in application?

My experience is quite limited in that I've only been through the Family Report process once but in my situation, the report lent strongly toward me in that the report writer/psychologist recommended majority of time with me and limited access to other parent.

A lot was said in the report about the other parent seeming unstable, quick to become agitated and angry.

When it came to the hearing, the magistrate followed the recommendations that were made by the report writer to the letter. So in my situation, yes, it did carry a lot of weight.

Others on here may have other experiences that are more helpful.

It carried a lot for me, i am a victim of the opposite and had a false one sided report and this is the only reason my case was in the system for so long, even though the ICL recommended child remain with me  as they referred back to the recommendations of the report.  Still after the father filled discontinuance and has not been contactable for 6 months I still went to the hearing and I was not granted the basic orders I was seeking (not excluding the father) from myself and ICL and the old ones remain which isn't that much difference but leaves things open a bit if the father wanted to be nasty again down the track.
This is because the judge (another new one) was basing this on the family writers report and conclusions.
Yes i had the same as motherof 4.  I am also a mother of 4.  Totally one sided even my ex said I got a wrap.  These people are not expects.   Is psychology a proven science.  She has gottne major dates wrong (alot of stuff wrong which can be proved) and there for makes me look like a bad parent.  SO this why i am still in court.  WOnder if I could take her to court. lol
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