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Family law property and asset settlement

Where do I find the laws on settlement

Hi All

I have been searching the internet for the laws and as much information as possible on family law property and asset settlement and I have not been able to find the information needed could anyone give me the information or tell me where the information is on the internet.



Apart from the Family Law Act for the guiding principles of settlements - the majority are based on Case Law. The best source is 'Austlii' and to select a series of recent judgments similar to your own case. You could also go the web guide section of this site and search on property (although this not 100% operational at present

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Yes that's right, there isn't anything formal in Act.  But lawyers and judges have secret standard practices - mostly based on old cases where couple married younger than they do now, with defined gender roles - i.e. woman did house & kids, man earned income.

Using these as a base is very discriminatory to fathers in modern dual income / joint involvement relationships.

This is why I am pushing for Parliamentary Inquiry into property settlements - these were left out of last Inquiry.

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