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Family Law fix - Removing the problem of unilateral exclusion of one parent by the other

Do you support the abolition of the unilateral exclusion of one parent by the other upon separation.

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Address by Simon Hunt to Lone Fathers conference in Canberra 7/8/07

 To all,

Re: Address to Lone Fathers Conference by yours truly.

I believe this solution is a Silver Bullet. - It removes the problem. False allegations, unfair child support, suffering children …all this is cut off at the pass in all but the occasional bizarre cases, by protecting children from loosing one of their parents in the first place.

Cases that get brought to Court my a determined 'excluder' are then hampered by the status quo of equal shared parenting (as protected by the CRO - Restoration of Contact Order) becuase courts don't like upsetting the status quo.

Importantly, cases where children really are in danger, get adjudicated quickly, even immediately if need be.

We all need to write letters to our local papers demanding that children are protected from loosing one of their parents and abuse by the Family Court and its practitioners. Pledging our vote to the political partly that commits to protecting our children.

Country papers are the most useful. They get monitored by the government just like the metro majors, but don't get controlled by the feminazis. Plus they are more likely to run letters from locals. Most letters will be posted and available as templates for use by any of our number - to estranged parents in every country centre in Australia.

Please click to listen to my full speech at Parliament House in Canberra

An abridged version will be on YouTube shortly.

Simon Hunt
Phone: +61 (0)3 5973 6933
Mobile: 0414 415 693

Equal time parenting after separation - the solution that removes the problem.


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